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Spirit Celeste, the name chosen by its founder, C.C. Sheffield, Celeste is a family name usually used as a middle name. The origin came from the myth of her brave and beautiful Aunt Celeste.

In 2020, C.C. decided to create clothing for comfort and style. The sweats and knits were designed first for her celebrity clients for her business Commerce Concierge.

The celebrity's lines achieved rapid success, and she decided to open her brand Spirit Celeste.

The Spirit Celeste style sketches a subtle difference between modernity and quirkiness with authentic pieces and sharp details.

The Spirit is resolutely comfortable, tomboy, glamourous and bold.

While C.C. asserts herself in her current, highly identifiable creations, her commitment exceeds the boundaries of fashion.

Touched by Zeno Mountain Farm's determination, CC has volunteered to support this organization for many years. This community raises funds to help disabled people to go to camps to encourage lifelong relationships. They provide a reprieve of care for their families several times a year at different camps. No one pays to attend camp and are invited for the duration of their life.

Spirit Celeste also makes its mark by partnering with wellness brands, yoga, and minimalist lifestyle influencers in line with the urban-conscious image of the brand.

In September 2022, Spirit Celeste went offline and participated in the conscious market in Santa Monica, CA.